Bespoke Placement

One of the most complex areas of discovery. When we consider if the sales force is configured and deployed correctly, we analyze its size, structure and capabilities, checking it is effective enough to fulfil the market opportunities. Covering all aspects from sales operations right down to the support functions, looking at the alignment between sales, marketing and operations as a priority – from acquisition, development and retention of salesforce.

Our bespoke placements maintain the business practices of organizations as well as support them in the attainment of their business goals and ambitions.

Deployment Governance

our custom developed methodology for capability need analysis, capability assessment, observation and recommendation to enable higher sales performance by identifying and closing critical talent gaps. Constant engagement and continuous development of salesforce.

Structured Approach

end-to-end sales force deployment solution from need assessment to applicant selection, applicant assessment and to enabling performance. Utilizing digital technologies to lower training development and deployment cost, with accessibility to the real-time critical information.

Retention Unit

we are market’s first and only sales force deployment consultant which “custom trains” the talent being deployed with a note of promissory replacement.

The Approach

Our placement framework is to deploy the right resources on-demand matching your institutional project requirements enabling you to optimize costs and delivery time.

Value Advantage

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