Islamic Finance

Our Islamic Finance practice delivers strategic solutions to the rapidly growing Islamic Financial Industry across the region. We provide end-to-end solutions to manage critical Islamic Finance projects with tailored delivery approach to drive sustainable business growth.

Our team with deep Islamic Finance expertise, vast industry footprint and experience of delivering multi-faceted industry assignments enables us to deliver innovative Shari’a compliant solutions while empowering clients to achieve market leadership.

Strategic Alignment: developing long term strategies, technology solutions and operating plans to align key industry and stakeholder objectives.

Product Solutions: structuring and design of innovative Shari’a compliant product concepts while enabling collaborative environment across business teams.

Shari’a Governance: empowering Islamic financial institutions achieve operational compliance in line with AAOIFI standards and industry best practices.


We design and deliver using a customized approach, treating all customers’ needs and requirements differently. We ensure the solutions are best of the breed and deliver value to stakeholders without compromising on religious beliefs.

  • Strategic Direction
  • Competitive Solutions
  • Holistic Governance

Risk Management

In the current marketplace, volatility due to external factors have led organizations to increase their focus for a robust ERM framework. Businesses, governments and investors are keenly examining the internal risk-management policies and procedures to ensure compliance to the ever changing regulatory and operating landscapes.

Our risk management specialists draw on their experience and knowledge focused on developing risk mitigating solutions and strategies that empower organizations with the ability to balance risks and improve profitability.

Risk Strategies: planning and executing critical risk mitigation practices and setting industry benchmarks.

Framework Development: architecting efficient enterprise risk frameworks to realize, assess, and mitigate internal and external risks.

Governance Advisory: developing efficient policies and procedures based on market established best practices.

We leverage the skills of our risk management consultants and help organizations identify, quantify, and prioritize their most important risks as well as related returns through our world class risk management practices and strategies.

  • Risk-Return Transparency
  • Risk-enabled Decisions
  • Robust Frameworks

Digital Transformation

The impact and concept of digitization is not new, the digital economy is entering a new age that presents extraordinary tests for all organizations. Digital tools are taking over the business environments and industries, inciting a significant change in the way we work, communicate and sell.

Our solutions give an innovative rise to new opportunities and challenges, and triggers the digital transformation of enterprises while disrupting the way we do business altogether.

Experience Strategies: digitally enhancing the customer experience to create more meaningful engagement cross-platforms.

Process Digitization: transforming existing procedures and processes to be integrated with industry leading digitization initiatives and practices.

Business Model Optimization: incorporating technology backed methodologies to enhance and optimize the current go-to-market activities.

Employing cutting edge digital services and techniques paired with an analytical approach focusing on customers, trends, economies and market landscapes to deliver an unparalleled digital disruption and experience. Business Intelligence, the exercise of utilizing technology to analyze data and present actionable information to the business.

  • Customer Delight
  • Seamless Delivery
  • Go-to-Market Approach

Business Intelligence

Delivering enterprise insights for tomorrow’s competitive edge using state of the art business intelligence frameworks, technologies and forward-looking practices. Having valuable market insight data custom tailored to enable the business ahead of the competition but also ensures maximum efficiency.

We provide a holistic approach to enable a significant competitive advantage through targeted intervention and proactive management from the support of our specialized BI consultants and professionals, thus empowering organizations with intuitive business foresights.

BI Strategy: pairing business intelligence as an indispensable part of any corporate strategy enables: swift decision making, precise actions, and positive long-term impacts.

BI Value Chain: transforming data into actionable data, fine-tune strategies and decisions to increase long-term business and organizational effectiveness, all driven by the power of our customized analytics.

Information Architecture: architecting an effective model that processes the data which not only enables organization to accurately drive the database into business-critical insights, that predicts and provide foresights to reduce risks, optimize their operations and increase revenue opportunities.

Architecting the right model, architecting your data to your requirements allowing the power to understand how to utilize data to the maximum advantage. We help organizations in automating their budgeting, planning and forecast processes hence enabling them to stay in control and ahead of the game.

  • Multiplatform Expertise
  • Flexible Analytics Solutions
  • Established-Industry Footprint

Cyber Security

Modern organizations know that in a data-driven, highly distributed and globalized world, there are serious threats that must be addressed immediately. With systems and networks becoming even easier and simpler, the risks for threats and their exposures have significantly increased.

Our cyber security consulting services enable and empower organizations to comply through internationally recognized processes and security practices that are essential to the protection of their stakeholders, organization and brand.

Security Strategies: developing tough and formidable strategies for the fortification and protection of cyber assets.

Risk Assessment: determining levels of organizational cyber risks and threats through multi-tiered and controlled assessment methodologies.

Compliance Testing: stress testing existing cyber practices and policies for exposed contingencies.

We employ cutting edge technologies, sound processes and ironclad practices designed to defend and protect networks, digital assets and data from external and internal attacks, losses or unauthorized access.

  • Resilient Solutions
  • Threat Intuitive
  • Enterprise Protection

Global Consulting

We provide consulting and deliver highly customized solutions to the financial industry primarily with all inhouse digitzed processes. We strive to deliver solutions through our extensive and well-recognized partnership model across borders, which assists in economic, product and innovation development across public/private domains – on local and international scale.

Thus, we provide a strategic partnership platform blended by consulting and providing innovative solutions that serves and shapes the critical and diverse needs of our clients. Delivery of strategy and execution, from a business and technology perspective and thus partnering for managed services and solutions under long term engagements.

Strategic Planning: preparing for and implementing the vital strategies and tactics essential to achieving organizational goals.

Innovations Management: enabling organization to respond to opportunities, and harness their creativity for new ideas, processes or products.

iOT Strategies: opening a new range of opportunities, utilizing the strengths of technology, innovation and the internet combined.

Combining a delicate balance of thought leadership and industry best practices, we strive to pioneer and set industry benchmarks using cutting edge methodologies to craft the very essence of business innovation.

  • Industry Disruptive
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Business Scalability