Sales Force Development

Our expertise together with a wealth of experience helps businesses to manage a way through the challenges they face in shifting paradigms and exceed business targets and aspirations. The salesforce development program is designed forrenovating individuals and teams to produce a state of art sales force that delivers exceptional results for the organization, thus adding value to our clientele’s businesses.

Sales Strategy Formulation

Developing high performance capabilities and culture which ultimately results in increased sales conversions and creating potential sales opportunities, higher repeat business and referrals, positive brand attitude and more focused sales targeting.

Identifying Opportunities

We leverage research, analytics and industry insights to help design and execute critical practices which plays a vital role in development of sales force and benefits to identify the potential opportunities and maximize the cross-sell ratios.

Reduced Staff Attrition

Change is inevitable, but it can be costly for an organization. Employee turnover is an element of change that directly affects the businesses bottom line. We havedeveloped effective retention strategies to reduce staff attrition, thus simplifying sustainable growth.

The Approach

Engage, train and measure, a three-level approach to ensure measurable results with link to retail and corporate business strategy. Assessing and determining the capabilities of the current or prospective staff to ascertain risks and professional gaps. We combine training and on field development coupled with productivity management to ensure results are productive and efficient.

Value Advantage

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