Sales Leadership

Sales leadership program accelerates the process, which otherwise can take years to complete, by exposing sales personnel to real-world business lessons and the chance to interact with a diverse group of peers from the retail and financial industry.

The programs are customized to any clientele specific needs to support a focused talent development area.

Talent Gap Analysis

SWOT Analysis with key observations and recommendations for capitalization and improvement. Brand and value engagement, understanding, perceptions and perceived doubtswill be highlighted and resolved.

Structured Practical Learning

A holistic solution and not only limited to classroom lectures or routine trainings, hence the delivery will involve sales acumen, competency, ability, mindset, product knowledge and governance with alignment to corporate business objectives sales strategy.

Competency Development

Our model ensures a robust tactic which involves and invigorates all areas of sales process and stakeholders which may play a pivotal role in the challenges faced; such as, mainly low productivity, poor process management, strategic misalignment or lapsed sales governance.

The Approach

The holistic approach for a complete diagnosis of the defined sales force to ensure delivery of solution through training workshop which is result oriented and adds immediate value to talent development, through the program unique and tightly integrated methodology, blend of practical knowledge and personal learning broadens the participant’s business perspective and multifunctional skills.

Value Advantage

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