Solutions Programs

Our solution programs are highly structured with a combination of experiential classroom workshops and Digital On-The-Job (OJT) learning activities that aims to effectively upskill the participants and assimilate the roles of senior leadership upon completion of the program which can extend upto 18 months.

Our award-winning programs dominates the Nationalization drive in the banking industry across roles of Branch Managers, Tellers, Wealth Management and Direct Sales.  

Learning Curves

developing bankers and thorough skills by adopting to a blended development approach, while embedding a banker’s mindset by incorporation of various learning elements which a banker needs to live with on daily basis and extends beyond compliance, governance and regulatory frameworks.

Delivery Management

developing and maintaining abreast content, learning packs and Digi-OJT learning frameworks to a frequent MIS and progress management through our inhouse AcademyDigi 2.0 platform with end-to-end mobility developed and delivered.

Career Management

engaging and connecting with delegates on 1-1 platforms to provide personalized career counselling and the empathetic coaching which every new leader requires to be successful in their careers.

The Approach

All learning opportunities are enabled and capitalized upon, besides the banking program, the delegates are also pushed to soft skills and leadership development through various activities, books reading, assessments and practical projects and field visits. All above propels them to a faster development path and equips them to become a world class banker and a whole leader

Value Advantage

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