Banking Trainings

The Learning and Development function has pre-emptively evolved within the Banking and Finance Industry empowering bankers to unleash hidden potential and push the boundaries of organizational excellence.

Through our strategic expertise and expanse of curriculum, we dominate niche markets by providing blended learning solutions laced with cutting edge technology fueled to pace the aspirational goals and objectives of our ever-growing client base.

Trainer Pool: our learning solutions asserts itself within a diverse and multi-cultural trainer pool advantageously positioned to engage clients and its workforce.

Program Development: we create, innovate and initiate path-breaking learning and development programs designed to provide optimal impact for clients.

Return on Value Methodology: an intrinsic ability of our business model is to delve into the holistic impact of ROV in co-relation to the envisaged outcomes.

Combining a delicate balance of thought leadership and industry best practices, we strive to pioneer and set industry benchmarks using cutting edge methodologies to craft the very essence of business transformation.

  • Industry disruptive
  • Business scalability
  • Performance driven

Nationalization Development

Carrying forward and supporting the vision that H.H Sheikh Mohammed has for the UAE and its citizens have been an instrumental catalyst for the economy and culture. Our nationalization programs are focused and methodically designed to support the collaborative efforts of the industries pivoted on improving the employability and the skillsets of the UAE nationals to function as integral parts of the UAE’s economic infrastructure.

Our programs are suited to UAE nationals from all spectrums of the organization which range from fresh graduates to experienced professionals.

Learning Roadmaps : developing critical learning curriculum and milestones that shape the participants business capabilities and performance competencies.

Delivery and Execution : a seamless project management approach with the sole objective of executing par excellence.

Stakeholder Insights : provision of critical program analytics and performance interpretation encompassing the cornerstone of stakeholder engagements.

The nationalization development methodology is all encompassing from the embryonic programs of internship for fresh graduates to domain mastery for experienced leaders, we scope the architype for outcome centric conclusions. The strategic goal is to employ a profound approach to knowledge dissemination within the business faculties of Banking, Finance and Operational Excellence.

  • Modular Approach
  • Industry Focused
  • Knowledge Centric

DSA Accreditation

Our DSA Accreditation certification program is perfectly aligned with current and future strategic goals of Banking Industry. It constitutes of high impact and engaging programs that supports the banking sector to develop a talent-oriented unique workforce capacities and capabilities.

Delivery Innovative: it involves an overhaul of staff sales acumen, competency, ability, mindset, product knowledge and governance aligned with key business objectives of banking sales operational strategy.

End-to-End Learning Administration: we offer state of the art digital learning and administration solutions to meet the growing industry’s talent development and retention challenges at a high scale that thrives in high-pressure situations.

Talent Development: our work order is customized for each area to establish improvement measures that have immediate positive impact on baseline numbers through our training program.

The program’s blend of practical knowledge and personal learning broadens the participant’s business perspective and multifunctional skills. Our approach is a holistic and not limited to classroom lectures or routine trainings, hence the participants will gain the leadership confidence and strategic frameworks to identify, frame, and solve complex business problems in any economic climate.

  • Rapid Development
  • Performance Driven
  • Cost Effective
DSA Accreditation

Solutions Programs

Our solution programs are highly structured with a combination of experiential classroom workshops and Digital On-The-Job (OJT) learning activities that aims to effectively upskill the participants and assimilate the roles of senior leadership upon completion of the program which can extend up to 18 months.

Our award-winning programs dominates the Nationalization drive in the banking industry across roles of Branch Managers, Tellers, Wealth Management and Direct Sales.

Learning Curves: developing bankers and thorough skills by adopting to a blended development approach, while embedding a banker’s mindset by incorporation of various learning elements which a banker needs to live with on daily basis and extends beyond compliance, governance and regulatory frameworks.

Delivery Management: developing and maintaining abreast content, learning packs and Digi-OJT learning frameworks to a frequent MIS and progress management through our inhouse AcademyDigi 2.0 platform with end-to-end mobility developed and delivered.

Career Management: engaging and connecting with delegates on 1-1 platforms to provide personalized career counselling and the empathetic coaching which every new leader requires to be successful in their careers.

All learning opportunities are enabled and capitalized upon, besides the banking program, the delegates are also pushed to soft skills and leadership development through various activities, books reading, assessments and practical projects and field visits. All above propels them to a faster development path and equips them to become a world class banker and a whole leader.

  • Whole Bankers
  • Unique Methodology
  • World-Class Delivery

Executive Trainings

Leading from the front is innate nature of our prominent and influential clientele who comprise of business honchos and top-notch executives eager to break the mold. With that said, it is imperative that they are up to date with the latest market trends and employ best practice to make strategic key decisions with smooth precision.

Our suite of executive trainings empowers leaders to embolden their strategic approach whilst empowering their teams to deliver exceptional business results.

Knowledge Development : crafting programs to enable and empower key decision makers with the ability to take decisive action.

Skills Enhancement : delivering experiential learning solutions that consequently inculcate an innovative mindset that is geared to achieve results that are prolific and impacting.

Decision Support : influencing the process through strategic alignment of program design to catapult the mediocre into action orientated leaders.

The holistic approach of our business model is to interpret market trends while concurrently assessing customer needs. Utilizing our industry acumen, we are inherently positioned to craft methodically concise and effective training programs for key decision makers within organizations. The structural design is interspersed with trend analytics, knowledge consolidation and key decisioning tools.

  • Intelligent Design
  • Continuous Development
  • Competency -Targeted Approach