Business Transformation

Innovation is to adapt to the evolving needs of your stakeholders. We provide industry catalysts with long-term strategies to fuel innovation and help in the development of true transformational business solutions. Our innovative approaches are trusted and recognized by leading institutions on a global scale.

Our industry network of strategy specialists draws on their experience and expertise to focus on developing solutions disrupting organizations today. We create strategies that initiate with the organization’s strengths and delivers practical results.

Strategic Planning: preparing for and implementing the vital strategies and tactics essential to achieving organizational goals.

Process Augmentation: helping drive critical innovations for today and tomorrow’s marketplace success.

Innovations Management: enabling organization to respond to opportunities, and harness their creativity for new ideas and processes.

Combining a delicate balance of thought leadership and industry best practices, we strive to pioneer and set industry benchmarks using cutting edge methodologies to craft the very essence of business transformation.

  • Industry disruptive
  • Business scalability
  • Performance driven

Operational Excellence

Attaining operational excellence requires the successful implementation of a solid business operation plan that effectively and effortlessly assimilates the following major four building blocks: Agile strategy development and deployment, Continuous performance management and enhancement, benchmarked process and policy excellence, and efficient work teams.

Our business process re-engineering specialists drive companies to refocus on their customer needs, enhance existing processes and enable stakeholder collaboration.

Diagnostic Solutions: identifying prevention catalysts and their root causes through calculated hypotheses and practices to create fact-based results.

Process Reengineering: fine tuning and reworking existing processes to enable peak time proof business performance.

Operational Governance: empowering organizations with compliance enforcing tools and methodologies based on industry best practices.

Based on industry benchmarks and corporate best practices, engineered to enable your organization to sustain healthy and profitable operations under any circumstances.

  • Effortless Integration
  • Enterprise Compliance
  • Strategically Modular

Digital Learning2.0

The need for innovation and service enhancement has positively impacted the way businesses perceive human capital investment. While many are sliding towards more sophisticated learning systems, instructor led training still accounts for 70% of training expense.

Our digital learning solutions compile the industry’s best practices and technologies to deliver cutting edge learning solutions for organizations and participants worldwide.

System Strategies : customizable applications through implementation of efficiency modeled LMS powered by self-sustaining system architectures.

Management and Administration : empowering training departments and HR to seamlessly manage ensuing end-to-end administration and logistics functions digitally

Smart Scheduling : algorithm empowered schedule management designed to monitor and manage peak system performance.

Our in-house developed technologies and partner platforms integrate with a variety of learning platforms and provide organizations with an enhanced management flexibility for managing logistics, administration, scheduling and finance.

  • Rapid Deployment
  • Dynamic Functionalities
  • Customizable Modules

Takaful Management

We don’t believe in the status quo. Our Takaful Specialists strive to determine what’s best for your next set of objectives, with a thoughtful eye towards measurable results. From there, we deliver a proactive plan for success.

Strategic Consulting : accelerated growth is followed by accelerated risks, understanding these risks and their mitigations in the imminent future has become an absolute necessity to possess Takaful imperatives for the delivery of the best results for your business.

Business Intelligence : To drive unique insights and results, we acquire a deep understanding of its client business and industry segment.  Our experts work closely with stakeholders, using an array of tools to closely examine their issues and develop tailored strategies that align with the unique needs of client business objectives.

Analytics : analytics guide corporate institutions’ overall strategy by highlighting the areas that create the most value for businesses. It drives insights that are counter-intuitive and create uncommon results, enabling organizations to prioritize potential strategies on a matrix to illuminate business value and ease of execution.

We develop structured Takaful solutions and sustainable strategies that are in line with the international Takaful finest practices, spearheading cost optimizations, comprehensive risk profiling and corporate values.

  • Risk Heat-Map
  • Strategic Risk-Matrix
  • External Landscape

Workforce Transformation

Organizations are always focused on ensuring the effective and efficient deployment of their existing resources. Capability maximization is always a key imperative for the industry and institutions alike. Key success factors are to deploying the right resource for the right cost at the right time

Our workforce transformation services provide organizations with critical employee productivity insights needed to develop resource optimization strategies and plans in order to realize core business objectives and enterprise goals.

Transformation Strategies : developing solid and sound strategies to enable a strong and resilient workforce plan.

Productivity Analytics : proprietary research and tactical methodologies to pinpoint key workforce related attributes and data for accurate and deep analysis.

Compensation and Benefits Planning : improving and aligning the organization’s pay practices as per industry benchmarks.

We utilize our proprietary analytical and research methodologies to assess the current workforce gaps, shortfalls and improvements. We use the collected data to then advise and optimize

  • Asset Optimization
  • Productivity Mapping
  • Enterprise Centric