Bespoke Placement

One of the most complex areas of discovery. When we consider if the sales force is configured and deployed correctly, we analyze its size, structure and capabilities, checking it is effective enough to fulfil the market opportunities. Covering all aspects from sales operations right down to the support functions, looking at the alignment between sales, marketing and operations as a priority – from acquisition, development and retention of salesforce.

Our bespoke placements maintain the business practices of organizations as well as support them in the attainment of their business goals and ambitions.

Deployment Governance: our custom developed methodology for capability need analysis, capability assessment, observation and recommendation to enable higher sales performance by identifying and closing critical talent gaps. Constant engagement and continuous development of salesforce.

Structured Approach: end-to-end sales force deployment solution from need assessment to applicant selection, applicant assessment and to enabling performance. Utilizing digital technologies to lower training development and deployment cost, with accessibility to the real-time critical information.

Retention Unit: we are market’s first and only sales force deployment consultant which “custom trains” the talent being deployed with a note of promissory replacement.


Our placement framework is to deploy the right resources on-demand matching your institutional project requirements enabling you to optimize costs and delivery time.

  • Functional Expertise
  • Skill Diversity
  • Rapid Deployment

Salesforce Development

Our expertise together with a wealth of experience helps businesses to manage a way through the challenges they face in shifting paradigms and exceed business targets and aspirations. The salesforce development program is designed for renovating individuals and teams to produce a state of art sales force that delivers exceptional results for the organization, thus adding value to our clientele’s businesses.

Sales Strategy Formulation : developing high performance capabilities and culture which ultimately results in increased sales conversions and creating potential sales opportunities, higher repeat business retention ratio and potential referrals, positive brand attitude and more focused sales targeting.

Identifying Opportunities : we leverage research, analytics and industry insights to help design and execute critical practices which plays a vital role in development of sales force and benefits to identify the potential opportunities and maximize the cross-sell ratios.

Reduced Staff Attrition : change is inevitable, but it can be costly for an organization. Employee turnover is an element of change that directly affects the businesses bottom line. We have developed effective retention strategies to reduce staff attrition, thus simplifying sustainable growth.

Engage, train and measure, a three-level approach to ensure measurable results with link to retail and corporate business strategy. Assessing and determining the capabilities of the current or prospective staff to ascertain risks and professional gaps. We combine training and on field development blended with productivity management to ensure results are productive and efficient.

  • Enhanced Salesforce
  • Cross-Sell Culture
  • Engagement Drive

Sales Leadership

Sales leadership program accelerates the process, which otherwise can take years to complete, by exposing sales personnel to real-world business lessons and the chance to interact with a diverse group of peers from the retail and financial industry.

The programs are customized to any clientele specific needs to support a focused talent development area.

Talent Gap Analysis : SWOT Analysis with key observations and recommendations for capitalization and improvement. Brand and value engagement, understanding, perceptions and perceived doubts will be highlighted and resolved.

Structured Practical Learning : a holistic solution and not only limited to classroom lectures or routine trainings, hence the delivery will involve sales acumen, competency, ability, mindset, product knowledge and governance with alignment to corporate business objectives sales strategy.

Competency Development : our model ensures a robust tactic which involves and invigorates all areas of sales process and play a pivotal role in the challenges faced; such as, mainly low productivity, poor process management, strategic misalignment or lapsed sales governance.

The holistic approach for a complete diagnosis of the defined sales force to ensure delivery of solution through training workshop which is result oriented and adds immediate value to talent development, through the program unique and tightly integrated methodology, blend of practical knowledge and personal learning broadens the participant’s business perspective and multifunctional skills.

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Consultative Sales-Approach
  • Sales Governance

Distribution Sales

We provide a platform for the distribution of financial products through various sales channel and impart strategic benefits which has been leveraged through a distribution sales partnership. This channel contributes in increased sales, play vital role in product/portfolio management and segment growth.

Our distribution sales channel allows organizations to not only execute key decisions but give them the peace of mind from a service aspect that their critical sales goals and targets are covered end-to-end.

Resource Management: fully managed resource provisioning to deliver quality business results across all functional requirements. Alignment to business goals and objectives with business ownership.

Delivery Model: the blend of knowledge, experience and platforms which provides turnkey solution that delivers value and cost effectiveness.

Brand Management : we deliver exceptional results through our own channels and maintain exclusivity to brand and maximum governance. Providing representation, exclusivity, extended support, values and SLA practices.

Combining a delicate balance of thought leadership and industry best practices, we strive to pioneer and set industry benchmarks using cutting edge methodologies to craft the very essence of business innovative sales channel with defined SLAs and TATs.

  • Innovative Sales-Channels
  • Quality Prospecting
  • Results Oriented
Distribution Sales